Olympic Opening Ceremony Spectacles


Some say the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony was the greatest show on Earth and others didn’t get the point of the spectacle. It shows that what is good in one person’s opinion is not necessarily good in another’s. At The i-Site Opticians however, we have something that caters to most tastes and pockets so if there’s one spectacle you don’t like here there’ll certainly be another you do!

Many people don’t blink an eye in spending thousands on image over the year, whether it’s on skincare, tailor-made suits and shirts, high quality leather shoes or even a hat for Ascot or a wedding. Yet many complete a look with a pair of 2 for 1’s which can often contradict an image.

Those who are image conscious and take time to find distinctive products should extend their searches more often to Optical products to see what’s available outside their usual haunting grounds.

The inspiration for my business was born from a frustration that most Optical practices I visited offered the same or similar products and very little that was distinctive and creative. I wanted something a bit different, after all it was my face that was being framed and it was a purchase I made only each year or two.

Please don’t be mis-framed!


Distinctive eyewear is available at The i-Site. www.thei-site.com